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The Arbitration Management Conference: A Blueprint for an Orderly Hearing

1h 34m

Created on February 21, 2017




The goal of an arbitration management conference is to guide the orderly presentation of evidence at the hearing, anticipate problems that might frustrate an arbitration hearing, and set the stage for settlement. Attorneys Theo Cheng and Deborah Masucci are experienced advocates and arbitrators who explain what counsel can expect from an arbitration management conference and provide practical strategies to optimize what you can realize from the event, as well as manage the costs of an arbitration, secure the discovery needed, and gather the information necessary to present your case effectively in an arbitration proceeding. This seminar is designed for both new and experienced practitioners.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Comprehend the objectives of an arbitration management conference

  2. Know the topics covered during a management conference and how to optimize securing information and documents you need to present your case

  3. Learn how to engage clients in the preliminaries and manage their expectations

  4. Understand how to secure the arbitration panel's assistance if a party disregards the panel's Order

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