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Texas Oil & Gas Law Fundamentals: Preparing and Reviewing Title Opinions

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Produced on: June 19, 2014

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Course Description

Time 100 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Title opinions vary widely between law firms because of the drafting style of the attorneys and the desires of the clients. Because vast amounts of land in Texas have bad title, a well written and professional title opinion is regarded almost as a negotiable instrument. Title opinions are routinely sold between landowners and oil companies and can be used as a basis for future title opinions for many decades.  


Join oil and gas law attorney, Josh Stein, as he addresses the types of title opinions, their contents, and common problems that can arise while drafting them.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Avoid potential sources of error in title opinions

II.  Understand how and when to cure title defects

III. Ensuring that all mineral owners are leased



Josh Stein

Fergus & Fergus

Josh Stein is a Texas oil and gas title attorney and graduate of Boston College Law School. The majority of his practice is dedicated to drafting drilling and division order title opinions. He has written title opinions on tracts throughout Texas, including lands bounded by avulsive rivers and pooled units within urban subdivisions. 

Josh Stein has also represented landowners in matters involving surface use agreements, termination of nonproductive leases, and nonpayment of oil and gas royalties. In addition to oil and gas, he has represented clients on matters involving public beach access rights and hurricane relief on Galveston Island.


Marcus P.

Excellent program !

Mattie A.


Frank B.

Good course

Jay H.

Written materials are excellent.

Jay V.

Great course!

Patricia L.

Very gifted lecturer - good overviews and insights & specific examples.

Mary B T.

Extremely knowledgeable, well-practiced professional.

Matthew W.

Outstanding presentation, practical, usable.

Mica P.

The speaker had a dry wit which I most appreciated. These things can get so dull and he made a tough topic enjoyable to hear.

Wallace G.

Great comprehensive presentation.

Kevin M.

Chock full of great information and law.

John Roger C.

Very good. Learned quite a bit, and I practice in this area.

Christopher H.

Excellent speaker

Maryjane L.

Very good overview for those not experienced in title opinions.

Erika M.

Enjoyed the personal experience stories.

Maxwell Z.

Good refresher.

Tom G.

Good review of title opinions. I had not drafted one in a decade.

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