Texas Oil & Gas Law Fundamentals: Oil and Gas Lands Production

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Produced on: June 18, 2014

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Time 101 minutes
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Many attorneys benefit from working in mature areas of law where the foundational ideas were long ago established by common law or legislation. Oil and gas law is also well developed, but it maintains a unique connection with the past because of its relative youth and because of the "ownership in place" theory.  Under the "ownership in place" theory, a mineral reservation from 1910 can continue in perpetuity—and the ambiguities and errors made by the previous century’s lawyers can continue just as long.  


Join oil and gas law attorney, Josh Stein, as he examines the creation and interpretation of different interests in oil and gas lands and production. He also describes some common sources of ambiguity in deeds which can create confusion for title examiners and risks for oil companies.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Understand severances of different estates

II.  Interpret reservations of minerals and royalties

III. Avoid and resolve common errors in severing estates



Josh Stein

Fergus & Fergus

Josh Stein is a Texas oil and gas title attorney and graduate of Boston College Law School. The majority of his practice is dedicated to drafting drilling and division order title opinions. He has written title opinions on tracts throughout Texas, including lands bounded by avulsive rivers and pooled units within urban subdivisions. 

Josh Stein has also represented landowners in matters involving surface use agreements, termination of nonproductive leases, and nonpayment of oil and gas royalties. In addition to oil and gas, he has represented clients on matters involving public beach access rights and hurricane relief on Galveston Island.


Mattie A.


Patricia L.

Solid & thorough overview of the fundamentals with lively illustrations

Matthew W.

Attorney presenting was great and spelled out many interesting fact and legal pattern examples.

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Thank you

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Another good one!

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excellent presentation!

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Excellent; highly recommend

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Good course

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good length of program

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Excellent course. Many thanks!

LeeAnne S.

I really enjoyed this. I loved property law in law school, currently practice probate and estate planning, my family holds several oil and gas leases. This was right up my alley!

John Roger C.

Informative. Speaker was knowledgable.

Christopher H.


Fredrick Y.

Excellent material and a great speaker!

Lawrence F.

one of the best

Dan S.

Josh Stein gave an effective summary of complex legal principals, demonstrated with references to appellate court decisions and personal experiences that applied the legal principals involved.

Kenneth G.

will refer this to oil and gas attorney

Erika M.

Excellent speaker and would highly recommend

Maxwell Z.

Well presented.

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