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Temporary Visas For Business and Work

1h 2m

Created on January 31, 2017



In this program, Marko C. Maglich of Jackson Lewis P.C. provides a basic understanding of the temporary options in the short-term, and as a longer-term platform to get entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and key workers into the U.S.

Calvin Coolidge said that "the business of America is business." This may be true but making business move along at the speed it wants to go, in the context of a statute dating to the age of Ellis Island, can be a non-intuitive exercise. This course looks at the nonimmigrant visa options for individual and corporate employers, employees, investors, and others. What are all these letters in the nonimmigrant alphabet (B-1, B-2, H-1B, L-1A, E-2, O-1, etc.) and what do they mean? What are the requirements for grabbing onto the right alphabet letter and getting yourself and/or your key workers in to do what they need to do? We will also talk about how key workers get their households into the U.S.

The focus of the program is "nonimmigrants," i.e., people who are coming over temporarily and not necessarily to stay. However, long term strategy is a consideration in using the nonimmigrant menu to meet your immediate and short-term needs. We look at the interplay between the nonimmigrant and immigrant columns-what you have to watch out for when deciding your steps to get yourself and/or your key people into the U.S. quickly.

Some people are already here temporarily (as nonimmigrants)-for example, as students. How do they move through different temporary statuses to move from student, to entry-level worker, and on through the long term? The discussion includes looking at how the nonimmigrant menu can serve you in practice, and at obstacles to navigate.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand visa options for entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and key workers looking to work in the United States

  2. Identify requirements for various nonimmigrant visas
  3. Examine long term strategies when using nonimmigrant visas to meet immediate needs 

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