Tax Considerations in Drafting LLC Operating Agreements

Production Date: December 15, 2017 Practice Areas: Contract Law, Tax Law, and Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3693 minutes


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A limited liability company’s operating agreement must address many topics – who are the members and who can become members, how decisions will be made, how the business will be capitalized, and how profits will be shared, just to name a few. But many attorneys fail to appreciate the degree to which the tax treatment of an LLC and its members is driven by the contents of its operating agreement.

In this program, tax and corporate attorney Jason Navarino will discuss the various tax topics that a well-drafted operating agreement should cover, including entity classification for income tax purposes, how to allocate profits and losses in a manner that will be respected by the IRS, tax distributions, withholding and tax reporting obligations, tax issues that arise in the case of transfers, how to deal with audits and tax proceedings, and how to ensure that tax-preferred profits interests are respected as such.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the differences between classification as a disregarded entity, partnership, and S corporation
  2. Gain familiarity with the forced/target allocation method so that clients can achieve their desired economic deals and still have their tax allocations respected by the IRS
  3. Navigate operating agreement provisions with respect to tax distributions, withholding, tax returns, and audits
  4. Explore the tax issues that arise in connection with membership interest transfers
  5. Identify how to create profits interests that can be issued without exposing the recipient to upfront tax liability

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