Tax Concepts for the Closely-Held and Family Owned Business

Production Date: October 13, 2016 Practice Areas: Tax Law and Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3658 minutes


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As a business owner, is the Internal Revenue Code just an 86,000-rule mess? If so, this is the seminar for you. The Internal Revenue Code is very complex, so complex in fact that many professionals spend their entire careers practicing solely in the area of tax. Understanding the tax code is critical to utilizing credits that exist and accelerating deductions in order to plan the best tax strategy possible. In this program, attorney Roman Basi addresses critical tax concepts, including knowing what business entity to choose, the basics of tax in operations, and disposition issues that will empower the business person to make use of the most complicated set of laws in this country—tax law.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify how to select an entity from an alphabet soup of choices
  2. Understand how entity selection affects tax issues
  3. Shape and mold entity operation and tax issues to one’s favor
  4. Grasp exit strategies, business succession, and tax issues
Misbah R.
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Excellent Speaker - Are there transcripts available for the CLE's? That ould eb fanstastic and ould enhance the value offered by Lawline.

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Excellent content

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Great tips

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Great presentation - clear and concise.

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Excellent presentation and highlighted many areas for closely held businesses.

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very informative

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Fantastic introductory course. Covered a lot of good stuff. Very useful for a non-corporate lawyer who is actually starting a business, by the way.

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Well organized & presented.

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Informative and clearly articulated.