Taking the High Road: How to Deal Ethically with Bullies Who Don’t Play by the Rules

Production Date: May 04, 2017 Practice Areas: Ethics and Litigation Estimated Length: 3704 minutes


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Many attorneys practice with the misconception that their ethical duties require overly aggressive advocacy. Attorneys who bully, break ethical rules, and misuse their positions often excuse their bad behavior by referencing a “duty” to zealously advocate on behalf of their clients. These unprofessional adversaries misunderstand the Model Rules and the obligations that they impose on attorneys. In fact, their conduct violates ethical rules and exposes them to sanctions. In order to deter bad behavior and to encourage practice with civility, we must use the tools available to us under the Model Rules, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and 28 U.S.C § 1927 to call unprofessional adversaries to task by reporting unethical acts, and in some cases, asking for sanctions.

This program, presented by Founder of Griesing Law LLC, Francine Friedman Griesing, covers several ethical issues arising out of aggressive litigation practices and presents an array of tools to use when dealing with opposing counsel who engage in those practices.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the ethical rules and guidelines around professional conduct
  2. Discuss the common ethical challenges relating to aggressive client advocacy
  3. Learn appropriate responses to counsel who cross the ethical line 
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not my area of law but very very informative

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Excellent insights on an issue that happens more often than one might suspect or than it should!

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The slides here were particularly good, with the "action steps" to delineate a framework of next steps. Very useful.

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I particularly enjoyed the suggestion of calling the court during "problem" depos - not only have I, I have thrown the offender out of the office and followed that with a motion. In these presentations, the harm done to the "offender's" client should be noted and steps to mitigate that damage should be suggested.

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This CLE was very helpful in educating attorneys on how to conduct themselves when faced with situations were bullying is taking place.

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The bully conduct is tolerated by the CT state courts. The bully (often insurance defense) is allowed to use its conduct to accuse the non-bully of being the bully. Difficult to find a remedy.

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Instructor was well organized; gave good examples to keep things understandable and interesting and tried to connect with the viewers.

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Very much enjoyed this particular CLE. Unfortunately "bullying" is alive and well (dare I say "thriving") in the legal profession.

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The Speaker was clear in providing the steps one needs to take in addressing a situation that is perceived to be Professional Misconduct. That is very valuable in educating Lawyers to handle and deter such behavior (as well as refrain from such behavior).. Excellent Job!

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Really enjoyed the topic. I am astounded at how rude some attorneys can be. I don't pull these shenanigans but it was interesting to hear about them.

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while speaker was knowledgeable, i agree with some others who wrote that advise is not always practicable since judge's are reluctant to sanction and/or enforce rules of conduct.

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Nice course.

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Excellent presentation of spoken and written materials by this speaker, both in terms of law and practical application. I couldn't help but think this speaker had lived some of her examples, all of which were on point.

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This is an awesome course. If you need endorsement of this particular course, refer people to me. This was easily understood and provided practical suggestions for handling cases of bullying. Thank you.

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Very well done with real world examples and helpful suggestions.

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good hands on manual re: how to deal with aggressive and inappropriate opposing counsel's conduct.

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The course give some good practical tips on how to react to bullying situations.

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