Sustainable Success: The Ethics of Burnout, Stress, and Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession

Production Date: March 17, 2017 Practice Areas: Ethics Estimated Length: 3691 minutes


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This program, presented by Kim Nicol, J.D., outlines the key risks attorneys face that can lead to burnout, substance abuse, and malpractice. Through both cases studies and a review of the pertinent ethical rules, she explains why stress, anxiety, and burnout are so common within the legal profession, why attorneys tend to be disproportionately affected, and offers a practical approach to reduce risk to your career and health.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Become aware of problems related to substance abuse and chronic stress within the legal profession

  2. Identify the patterns that lead to high instances of substance abuse, and create a plan to address them

  3. Recognize the health risks that disproportionately affect lawyers compared to the general population

  4. Define and understand the ethical rules related to malpractice due to substance abuse issues

  5. Understand the characteristics that make you a great lawyer -- and can inadvertently lead to burnout, anxiety, and substance abuse

Robert M.
Orange, TX


Christine C.
De Soto, IL

The material and presentation were a terrific reminder that today matters, our choices today matter. Loved it!

Christopher D.
Calabasas, CA

Very good faculty and class

John M.
Justice, IL

A very warm and caring presenter who made me feel as though I was being talked to directly. Well done and quite helpful!

JIm A.
Danville, CA

Excellent course. Good presentation and advice.

Allison T.
Fayetteville, NC

She was very knowledgeable, but the content was not what I expected.

Neal F.
Charlotte, NC

Thanks. I found it beneficial.

David K.
Syosset, NY


kenneth l.
Rural Hall, NC

thank you

Thomas S.
Greensboro, NC

Good program for this topic - real tools for coping.

Lee B.
Jacksonville, NC

This was a great and information CLE.

Helen G.
King of Prussia, PA

Excellent course. I may watch it again.

David A.
Atlanta, GA

Tough but important neglected topic. Appropriately the speaker was calming.

Marc G.
Wellington, FL

Very articular and easy to listen to. Thank you.

Tamara T.
Charlottesville, VA

Kim is an excellent speaker, one of the best I have listened to in 24 years of being a lawyer!

Shelley K.
Gary, IN

It is always helpful to be reminded about stress management and self-improvement in our stressful profession.

Andrea K.
Winston-Salem, NC

this was this best substance abuse/mental health CLE I have ever taken, since it focused on proactive skill development!

Marci M.
Charlotte, NC

Great CLE!!!

Daniel K.
San Rafael, CA

excellent and helpful for any attorney in high stress situation

Kristin H.
Pasadena, CA

Good program. I usually dread these required substance abuse programs, but this was very informative and helpful. Really good suggestions for stress reduction.

Shauna H.
Ontario, CA

Fantastic program and so important. I'm really glad California and other states are recognizing that wellness is essential to competence.

Andrew O.
Philadelphia, PA

I would recommend this to certain colleagues but not others. It takes a certain type of listener and personality to be open to the message of this program.

Teresa K.
Parker, CO

This course was extremely helpful and well done. Much better than the usual courses for competence credit. I learned tips I will actually use!

Eric T.
Oakland, CA

Best CLE I've watched in years. Thank you so much! I will be referring colleagues who are transitioning from practice to mindfulness coaching/mentoring!

Bruce M.
Roseville, CA

Very timely. I identified many engine check lights, but, that the presentation also gave me some tools. Movement! Relationship. Connection. Boundaries with clients. Find my Tribe. Thanks, Ms. Nicol.

Richard M.
Batavia, OH

Given the stressful nature of our profession, this course, or one substantially similar, should be required

Hilary I.
Sacramento, CA

I might ask Kim about doing her talk for my company's legal department.

Cynthia C.
Fort Collins, CO

I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed the course. Learned a lot and feel relaxed.

Bradley B.
Charlotte, NC

good course

Jill H.
McKinney, TX

very important - often ignored

Harry W.
Pass Christian, MS

good CLE

Ashley B.
Raleigh, NC

Presenter used great analogies. Could have been a little more engaging but overall, very effective.

Stewart K.
San Rafael, CA

Thank you!

harold k.
Los Angeles, CA

Very insightful and helpful.

John M.
Portland, OR

Kim Nicol - great presentation, very informative! Thanks!

Neal P.
Greenville, SC

I will use the strategies outlined in this program to reduce harmful stress in my life

Stephen E.
Crestwood, KY

Great hour on her feet without stopping, with hand movements for emphasis. Much like an appellate argument.

Dwight B.
Flatwoods, KY


Vickey W.
Washington, DC

I would watch again. It was good, short sweet and to the point.

Paula J.
Oklahoma City, OK

I liked the presenter very much. She seemed very sincere.

Allan M.
Palo Alto, CA

Terrific and useful course.

Brian L.
Naperville, IL

This CLE was very helpful in learning ways that I can improve my overall wellness.

Angela P.
Charleston, SC

Kim Nicol’s presentation was excellent and should should be a requirement for all.

Lance H.
Tacoma, WA

Nicely organized. chalked full of info.

Kelly W.
Kirkland, WA

Practical tips for reducing stress. A worthwhile program.

Thomas E.
Las Vegas, NV

Good course. Thank you

Clifford K.
Chicago, IL

Super Course!!

Kristine C.
Dubuque, IA

Excellent presentation.

Nancy P.
Oceanside, NY

this should be a mandatory cle. every lawyer suffers from stress. good class.

Adrienne L.
Corte madera, CA

Very helpful information on stress reduction through meditation, goal setting, stepping back and reassessing.

Susan K.
San Diego, CA

A must see for every lawyer and law student.

Sheila G.
Pompano Beach, FL

Great relative presentation

Christopher B.
Lancaster, NY

I found Ms. Nicol to be very informed on the topic of mindfulness. More important, though, she was credible. Her stories of when she was a law student and her perspective as a lawyer added a lot of substance to the issues of stresses facing attorneys, which is a very timely and important one that confronts all lawyers.

Darryl S.
Tustin, CA

I enjoyed the presentation and content very much. It leaves me with a lot to think about in terms of the pressures of practicing law and how to deal with these pressures effectively.

T A J.
Pasadena, CA

Well done. New and improved solutions to stress, etc. discussed.

Christina V.
San Diego, CA

Really good

Ajua H.
Philadelphia, PA

Excellent class. Wish I had heard this lecture ten years ago.

Melissa E.
Baltimore, MD

This was one of the best programs have watched. Not hokey or condescending or flaky, but very practical. Highly recommend.

Robert B.

The presenter was well informed.

Beth G.
Wynnewood, PA


Jay W.
Pensacola, FL

best so far. Very engaging!

Kimberly G.
Bainbridge Island, WA

Calming just to listen to!!!!!

Seslee S.
Atlanta, GA

Kim did a great job addressing a sensitive and touchy subject among lawyers. Well done! I was dreading this CLE but in the end found it insightful and helpful to my well being and practice.

Lisa O.
Quincy, IL

Excellent presentation - one of the best I have seen. This should be mandatory.

Phillip T.
Chicago, IL

This is likely the best session I've ever viewed here.

Jose O.
Irving, TX

Very interesting topic. Very useful

Charles D.
Durham, NC

better than I expected

William H.
Summerville, SC

Something I could really relate to and that other attorneys need to see as well

Melissa W.
Vale, NC

Exceptional instructor. She made a difficult topic warm and engaging. I leave with not only a better understanding of our career's pitfalls, but also with tools for the journey.

Emmett J.
Wexford, PA

This was a good course on a usually not discussed topic

Los Angeles, CA

Excellent thoughtful presentation!

Zachary G.
Troy, PA

Kim Nicol was an outstanding presenter who offered challenging but supportive questions to viewers. Thank you!

James G.
Pittsburgh, PA

This program was a wake up call.

Jennifer H.
Milwaukee, WI

Very effective session. Thank you.

Laura D.
Durham, NC

Presenter was really great!

John D.
Philadelphia, PA

This was a good opportunity yo reflect on the constant need for stress reduction and also support!

Sara G.
Chambersburg, PA

Kim's recommendations about mindfulness were very useful.

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

I needed this course. If there was a way, I would spend an hour a day to try to listen to this again and remind myself.

Fuquay Varina, NC

I will look to LawLine for future CLE Courses

Namrata M.
New York, NY

What a delightful program. Great subject matter and speaker.

George S.
Indianapolis, IN

Very helpful

Nina K.
Brooklyn, NY

This was a great course!

Dennis S.
New York, NY

Great presenter of an important topic.

Brian N.
Chicago, IL

Instructor also discusses meditation and offers a free 30 minute consultation to people who watch this class

Alexandria M.
Glen Cove, NY

Great topic, wish there were more on the subject.

Beverly R.
Apex, NC

Excellent presenter!

Charles R.
Chicago, IL

The Presenter was excellent as was content.

Lauren M.
Williamsburg, VA

Very articulate speaker, I enjoyed the presentation.