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Surviving an Economic Downturn: Pandemic Proof Your Small Law Firm

1h 1m

Created on July 28, 2020




Can the small law firm model survive in the face of the COVID pandemic and resulting economic downturn? This is the question for small plaintiff law firms and solo attorneys in the personal injury field and similar practice areas around the country.

This program, taught by veteran practitioner Justin Blitz, will discuss the multitude of issues that plaintiff personal injury lawyers face in order to pivot to the 'new normal'. The course will include practical questions about the future of the civil jury trial, how to conduct successful virtual mediations and remote depositions, and adapting your trial strategy to jurors' changed attitudes due to the coronavirus. 

In addition, the program will cover law practice management issues, including best practices for running a law firm virtually for an extended period of time, valuing your law firm personnel, paralegals, secretaries, and associates, obtaining new clients during the pandemic, and how to become 'lean and mean' in your law practice and streamline your legal work to maximize efficiency.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine how the coronavirus has changed the legal field, and ways to survive and thrive in the new normal
  2. Identify ways to effectively manage a small law firm or solo practice during the pandemic and economic crisis
  3. Discuss the future of litigation, and strategies to succeed
  4. Analyze the effect of the crisis on jury trials, juror attitudes, and the future of trials
  5. Become more efficient in litigating cases during the crisis, including personnel management 

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