Survey of Animal Issues Affecting Live Stock Producers

Production Date: May 06, 2015 Practice Areas: Food, Beverage, & Agriculture Estimated Length: 3671 minutes


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In this program, attorney Cari Rincker provides a broad overview of some of the most prevalent animal issues affecting live stock producers.  


Cari begins by offering a summary of the regulatory system including livestock animal cruelty laws and animal indemnification.  She also discusses issues such as various leases and contracts relating to frozen genetics and production. Next, Cari reviews hiring hiring practices for livestock operations, the Right-To-Farm Law, the National Organic Program, and RMA Livestock Insurance. Direct Farm Marketing with Meat Production, Animal Feeding Operations (“AFO’s) and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (“CAFO’s”) and other miscellaneous issues are also addressed. 


Learning Objectives:

I.  Grasp the regulatory landscape

II. Spot potential legal issues for livestock operations

III. Apply these principles to new fact patterns with livestock operations in the future

Elizabeth H.
Washington, DC

Interesting content and nice delivery.

Joseph T.
Lockport, NY

Hire this woman to do more webinars please.

Rebecca D.
Millers Creek, NC

She was very knowledgeable! Wow!

Jathan V.
Tucson, AZ

Well versed and experienced presenter.

William H.
Stony Brook, NY

Great overview of livestock legal issues.

Joel F.
Hurdle Mills, NC

well done