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Surrogate's Court Practice: A Guide to Probate and Estate Administration in New York

1h 26m

Created on February 19, 2021





Every matter in New York Surrogate's Court starts the same way:  "Somebody died, and then…." After that, the three basic questions in every case are 1. Is there a Will?; 2. Is the situation friendly, or unfriendly?; 3. Do you represent the fiduciary, or someone who is impacted by the fiduciary's actions? 

Surrogate's Court is divided into four main departments: Probate, Administration, Accounting, and Miscellaneous. This program will provide a practical and detailed look at the function of each department, and how to practice in each. 

This course will benefit attorneys new to the practice of Estate Administration and Probate in New York State. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the functions of each department, including what documents to file and where
  2. Discuss common scenarios and practice challenges in each Surrogate's Court Department
  3. Analyze probate and estate matters, and plan for proper representation

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