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Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace: ADA/Section 503 Compliance and Best Practices

1h 9m

Created on December 06, 2021





The course, presented by Craig Leen of K&L Gates, will take a comprehensive look at supporting neurodiversity in the workplace, particularly in the context of ensuring compliance and developing best practices relating to the two leading disability employment civil rights laws, the ADA and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss legal standards established by the ADA and Section 503 in the context of neurodiversity and non-apparent disabilities

  2. Identify numerous best practices and initiatives for supporting neurodiversity and disability inclusion in the workplace that can be adopted by businesses and organizations (both public and private)

  3. Discuss ways to increase Section 503 self-identification through including neurodiversity and non-apparent disabilities as a focus in self-identification campaigns

  4. Illustrate how neurodiversity and autism at work programs can help build accessible and inclusive work environments, helping ensure compliance with the ADA and Section 503

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