Summation: A Work in Progress

Production Date: May 07, 2015 Practice Areas: Criminal Law and Litigation Estimated Length: 3620 minutes


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As any experienced criminal defense lawyer will tell you, a good summation begins to take shape when you first meet the client, and begin to understand the nature of the charges you will be defending. A trial lawyer who writes his or her entire summation after the close of evidence does not properly understand the process. Simply put, a good summation is a work in progress. It is shaped and continues to be shaped from the time you meet your client until the trial ends.


What is included in a summation will of course vary from case to case, the particular defendant in the hot seat, the strength or weakness of the Government’s case and whether or not any particular affirmative defense has been put forward. So too will the substance and content of a summation vary with the degree of confidence and experience of the lawyer delivering it.


Criminal defense attorney Benjamin Brafman returns in his newest Lawline program to discuss the various tactics attorneys should employ to master the art of the summation, tactics that remain effective in spite of the fact that every case is different and every trial lawyer unique. 


Learning Objectives:

I.      Understand the "style" of a summation 

II.     Know and understand your case 

III.    Grasp how to take the "sting" out of the prosecutor's summation 

IV.    Effectively use exhibits and / or graphics

Lisa P.
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Excellent from beginning to end!

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Fantastic. Incredible practical advice beautifully presented

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Many lawline presenters are good - he is great!

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Very practical CLE.

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Excellent in every facet. A must watch for both criminal and civil trial lawyers.

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Great speaker with great information.

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Very helpful for planning future summations.

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fun presenter. i would imagine he gives a persuasive and compelling closing

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This was an excellent program. Good teacher!

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Dorothy K.
New City, NY

Excellent, informative presentation

john b.
Brownwood, TX

Mr. Brofman's humility and honesty are so apparent in this video that it is obvious why he has won so many trials.

Yevgeny R.
Brooklyn, NY

Great video on trial practice especially in criminal matters

Zachary M.
Melville, NY

WWBS? ("What would Brafman say?")(58:32 et seq.) Not a bad mantra for any of us.

Andrietta W.
Chicago, IL

Excellent presenter. Informative, interesting, useful and practical. Examples and explanations from his trail experience.

Patrick S.
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Jose F.
columbia, SC

ONe of the best criminal law presentations I have ever heard. This attorney is excellent. Had me ribbetted to my chair the whole time. He should appear often as a speaker in criminal law.

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This is one of the top presentations I have seen. Thank you.

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One word: FABULOUS!

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Even though I practice civil and not criminal trial work this was VERY GOOD. The tips and strategies and legal points he raised are excellent. Wonderful CLE.

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Mr. Brafman is the real deal. I was a prosecutor for 13 years. His professional content was very practical and informative about criminal defense and argument.

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outstanding presentation with many useful tips.

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Mr.Brafman's presentation was masterful and surely warrants your efforts to engage him to give more CLE lectures. Thank you.

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Enjoyed this program - felt like a good trial ad refresher.

Joel E.

I'd like to point out that your service is particularly useful to someone like me who is on the road a great deal. Being able to listen to the MP3 version of these presentations on the road is extremely helpful. I'm glad I subscribed for a year as it will permit me to have some "great listening" throughout the year.

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