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Student Discipline in Virginia: Current Trends & Advocacy Best Practices

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Created on October 31, 2019




The constitutional right to an education is a critical one in a civil society. There are times, however, where this right comes into conflict with a school's need to discipline students for a variety of offenses - such as when the alleged offense is sexual harassment or assault. Such disciplinary actions may implicate due process, Title IX, and the Clery Act.

This program, taught by experienced Constitutional law attorney Jesse Binnall, will provide attorneys with a fundamental overview of the legal issues implicated by school discipline, and best practices for representing clients in Virginia - whether you are advocating for a student facing discipline or advising an educational institution that is updating its disciplinary procedures. Topics that will be covered include the differences between private and public schools, how to investigate claims, and litigation tips in Virginia state and federal courts.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review key statutes relevant to student discipline at both the federal and state level
  2. Advocate for your client in administrative hearings and federal or state court
  3. Identify the constitutional issues in a student discipline case, including free speech restrictions and civil rights claims

Note: This course is approved for GAL for children in Virginia. If you would like a GAL certificate, please email our Customer Support team after completing the course.

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