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Strategies for Winning Your Next Trial: Jury Selection and Expert Witness Examination in New York & New Jersey

1h 15m

Created on December 17, 2017




This program, presented by Professor Moshe Horn, and retired Superior Court Judge Michael R. Casale, presently Of Counsel at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP, in Roseland, New Jersey, provides strategic options, legal pitfalls and practical tips in the areas of jury selection and expert witness examination.

Trials can be won or lost before the actual testimony begins if one party wins the battle of jury selection. Jury selection offers attorneys an opportunity to create the first impression with potential jurors so it is very important to put your best step (and your client's best step) forward immediately upon the jury panel's entry into the Courtroom, and to continue it throughout the jury selection process. This course will focus on the "do's and don'ts" of jury selection, and effective strategies with respect to same. 

The course will also discuss another aspect of a trial where counsel can win or lose a trial-that is the examination of expert witnesses. Many cases simply boil down to "a battle of the experts". Which expert is more credible? Which expert's opinions will connect with the jury? This part of the course will focus on winning strategies regarding expert testimony. Some differences in the Court and evidence rules in New York and New Jersey will be presented by the panelists. However, the focus will be more on winning strategies, rather than Court and evidence rules.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the purpose and importance of the jury selection process
  2. Develop the strategy of your case through jury selection
  3. Utilize all your senses to gauge how jurors perceive you and your client
  4. Demonstrate to an expert that you are knowledgeable about his/her area through preparation, preparation and more preparation
  5. Discuss how to make sure your expert wins "The Battle of the Experts"

This course originally appeared as a part of our December 2017 Bridge the Gap Event.

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