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Strategies for Maximizing the Value of Your Personal Injury Case in New York: A Plaintiff's Perspective (Update)


Created on March 17, 2017




In this program, experienced trial lawyer and skillful negotiator Justin Blitz will provide an update to his highly regarded prior course on the topic. He will cover all aspects of trying a personal injury case from the plaintiff's perspective, providing an energizing discussion for trial attorneys who are new to trying cases, as well as veteran attorneys who wish to get a refresher on the fundamentals. 

The program will detail trial tactics and strategies, presenting the thought process of the plaintiff attorney throughout the evolution of the trial. Mr. Blitz identifies what attorneys need to know to maximize damages and get the most out of the evidence they have. His discussion includes investigation techniques, various litigation strategies for trial preparation, how to modernize your practice to effectively communicate your message to younger jurors, and New York's ever-changing jury pool. He also includes examination of how to maximize one's trial techniques to adapt to today's world of instant gratification, social media's effect on the trial, and, in the interest of maximizing the value of the case, the following:

  • Soft tissue auto case litigation strategies

  • Using technology and other tips to effectively get your message across

  • All the variables no one talks about: the long waits, the judges, dealing with your adversary, etc.

  • Voir Dire - recognizing biases, community-driven, and letting them speak; using challenges effectively; creating challenges for cause

  • Strategies geared towards younger jurors

  • Strategies for preparing for trial and mediation

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Build your tool box of needed ammo to maximize value
  2. Deal with your weaknesses head on and turn them into strengths
  3. Understand how some old-fashioned elbow grease and good digging up of information will give you extra advantage
  4. Develop an honest approach to social media
  5. Exploit strengths in your client's case to influence greater recovery
  6. Use technology to shut down your adversary at trial and mediation

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