Strategies for Compliant Influencer Marketing

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Produced on: June 25, 2018

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Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Speaking to your target audience through people with a loyal following is big business and highly effective way to engage with customers and grow brand equity.  

This program, presented by Amy R. Mudge and Jessica Borowick of Venable LLP, will review the FTC’s guidance for appropriate disclosures of connections between influencers and brands, including when, where and how to disclose. Best practices for contracting with influencers and setting up effective compliance programs will also be covered.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the rules for disclosing connections between brands and influencers
  2. Discuss best practices for contracting with influencers
  3. Share best practices for establishing influencer compliance programs


Amy Mudge

Venable LLP

Amy Mudge is an experienced attorney and partner in Venable’s Regulatory and Advertising and Marketing Practice Groups. She represents clients before the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, state attorneys general and the National Advertising Division.

Ms. Mudge’s clients span across a wide range of industries including agriculture, Internet services, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and car rentals. She also has experience establishing effective compliance programs providing antitrust and marketing law training.

Ms. Mudge is the co-editor of a blog about issues critical to advertising and consumer law which can be accessed at

Jessica Borowick

Venable LLP

Jessica Borowick is an associate in Venable’s Regulatory Practice Group, where she focuses her practice on advertising, marketing, advertising compliance, entertainment, media, social media, sponsorships, intellectual property, and payment cards. Jessica assists clients of various types with the development and execution of advertising and marketing materials in all media, including drafting and advising on marketing and sponsorship agreements, reviewing advertising collateral, and structuring sweepstakes and contest promotions, particularly in the social media space.


Shelly A.

Outstanding substantive and detailed look at the FTC's rules about influence marketers. I will do things differently after having seen this.

Mary Ellen F.

Good Speakers.... Thanks

Steven F.

Excellent presentation by two very knowledgeable presenters.

Lea G.

I think this was the best CLE I've ever attended. Maybe I was so impressed because it was not an area of law with which I am familiar, but I really enjoyed it, regardless. I learned about new issues. Thanks!

G. Christine P.

fabulous! really interesting, useful and lively. thanks!

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