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Starting an Immigration Law Practice

2h 1m

Created on March 01, 2019




Whether you want to understand immigration law to help your clients or want to set up your own immigration practice, this course will provide you with a comprehensive framework. It will outline the four major areas of immigration: student, relative, investor, worker, and explain the major categories you should be familiar with, including:

  • Visitors: The ESTA, the B2 and the B1 visas

  • Students: The F1 and M1 options

  • Relatives: The various options for sponsoring a relative for a Green Card or K1 visa

  • Workers: The H2b, The H1, and the work-related Green Card

  • Multinational Companies/Investors: The EB5, L, and E Visas and the millions of issues that can arise

  • Extraordinary Ability Petitions for Green Cards: EB1A

The program will also cover key considerations in running an immigration law firm, including best practices in advertising your practice, which cases to accept or reject, client intake, and the impact of criminal records on immigration cases, including Canadian marijuana laws.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the current trends in immigration and what you must know
  2. Review key practice guides from Kurzban, AILA, & ImmigrationCasePrep.com
  3. Advertise your practice ethically and effectively
  4. Conduct a thorough client intake and decide which clients to take
  5. Assess the impact of a criminal record on an immigration case

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