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Starting an Immigration Law Practice

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Produced on March 01, 2019

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Course Information

Time 2h 1m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Immigration

Course Description

Whether you want to understand immigration law to help your clients or want to set up your own immigration practice, this course will provide you with a comprehensive framework. It will outline the four major areas of immigration: student, relative, investor, worker, and explain the major categories you should be familiar with, including:

  • Visitors: The ESTA, the B2 and the B1 visas

  • Students: The F1 and M1 options

  • Relatives: The various options for sponsoring a relative for a Green Card or K1 visa

  • Workers: The H2b, The H1, and the work-related Green Card

  • Multinational Companies/Investors: The EB5, L, and E Visas and the millions of issues that can arise

  • Extraordinary Ability Petitions for Green Cards: EB1A

The program will also cover key considerations in running an immigration law firm, including best practices in advertising your practice, which cases to accept or reject, client intake, and the impact of criminal records on immigration cases, including Canadian marijuana laws.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the current trends in immigration and what you must know
  2. Review key practice guides from Kurzban, AILA, & ImmigrationCasePrep.com
  3. Advertise your practice ethically and effectively
  4. Conduct a thorough client intake and decide which clients to take
  5. Assess the impact of a criminal record on an immigration case

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Steven Riznyk

San Diego Biz Law

Steven Riznyk has been practicing immigration law for the past 30 years. His firm, San Diego Biz Law, was the first one to conduct immigration seminars all over the world, including at both Oxford and Duke Universities. He has lectured to thousands of people, and has enjoyed clients from 54 countries. He asked his seminar attendees as well as clients many questions, so he could understand their concerns and mindset. His understanding of immigration and its many complex issues extends far beyond the law, and he is arguably one of the most knowledgeable persons on immigration in the country.

He runs two immigration firms: One for the public, and one that creates cases for 80+ law firms in the United States. With a research facility in London England, they operate around the clock with California licensed attorneys. His firm has dealt with some of the most complex cases in the United States today. The fact that his is one of the under 1% of immigration firms that practices both business and immigration law, he has dealt with hundreds of business people from around the globe in the E and L visa categories; he understands how to position investor’s cases from a business standpoint so they prevail. Additionally, San Diego Biz Law can help foreign investors with management consulting as being new in America can be very challenging.

Steven’s passion is helping the cause of abused dogs without families. He created two companies, a clothing label, Antonio Stefano, and a 6-hour streaming program on solving relationship problems in a week using his conflict resolution model as a negotiator. Both of these companies will contribute the maximum amount of profit they can to a non-profit that will keep the money in trust so that veterinarians can conduct surgeries on abused dogs who lack an owner.  He also enjoys travel, fashion, and a number of sports.

Contact information:


(619) 793-4827



Georgina K.


Pablo F.

Keep up the good work! Very convenient!

Melissa S.

Great presenter!! And the material covered was substantial. Thanks!

Cathy C.

Excellent job with turgid material!

Stephen S.

one of the better courses

Fatima S.

Step by step set up, resources, etc would be gereat.

John p.

Good stuff, great tie.

Lisa H.

One of the best courses - if not the best- I watched. Great presenter.

Donald G.

Mr. Riznyk did a fantastic presentation on many levels. A very worthwhile course.

Margaret H.

Thank you

Debbie Ann R.

Excellent course.

seth f.

2nd class with this instructor--excllent both times

Miguel M.

Quite rushed, he needed more time - but it was very good info and perspective.

Gary D.

This lawyer has excellent presentation skills and keeps one’s attention and interest on a complicated topic for the entire two hours. His somewhat anecdotal approach adds important insight from experience.

Yuri T.

Great course, thank you!

Alyssandra I.

very informative

Robert K.

Very Informative

Christina B.

Very knowledable!

Ashley Smith A.

Great introduction and practical recommendations.

Virginia S.

excellent teacher!

Sheryl S.

General overview. Good job giving general information. Too much for me to apply - need to spend much more time.

Natalia F.

The best immigration overview for the beginners!

Robert L.

Very interesting. Loved the practical approach.

Drasan S.

Great course!

Jane P.

very informative

Yordanos T.

Good course. Thank you!

Eric H.

Great info. Could have been 3 hours.

leigh p.


Dena F.

Best one so far! Speaker was fabulous! Thank you!

Sajjad H.

Thanks for arranging this CLE.

Mary Payton E.

Excellent presentation for a very technical topic.

Ian M.

absolutely loved this, was better than actual law school classes on the subject! great presenter with a deep understanding, thanks

Eniola F.

Excellent presentation! Very knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Information was well laid out and articulated. I can't wait to attend another course from him.

Jeffrey K.

Very good, clear and helpful course.

Katherine Z.

Excellent faculty member! He brought personal experiences to the lecture and relied very little on his notes. Well-versed in subject areas and also in immigration process. Took a humanitarian approach in dealing with clients...and that's the way it should be as those of us who deal in immigration should seek a higher level of understanding of what these people sacrifice in order to come to our country.

Jeffery T.

Presenters notes some of the best I've seen.

Joseph L.

The speaker was very talented at mixing anecdotes and background into a voluminous data dump of a program. I was happy with the approach and would recommend.

Ronald S.

Extraordinarily thorough and informative!

Cathy L.

The presenter was great. My favorite so far. Had a very nice way about him, made things move along well, very interesting. I was dreading two hours but ended up really enjoying the course.

Daniel A. Harvill D.

Great course for the non-immigration attorney

Salim A.

The speaker was extremely useful and knowledgeable

June C.


J Gregory F.

Really knows his stuff!! . .

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