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Standing in Data Privacy Class Actions: Legal & Economic Perspectives

1h 31m

Created on March 25, 2016



Does a plaintiff have standing to sue a company in the aftermath of a data breach when that plaintiff has not suffered an injury, such as the unauthorized use of credit card information? This issue has been the subject of much debate in the courts.

Join a panel of economists and plaintiff and defense lawyers in a discussion of the recent legal and economic trends.

To watch an exclusive interview with Kim Kalmanson on the recent Spokeo v. Robins SCOTUS decision, check out this article on the Lawline Blog.


Learning Objectives:

I. Understand the legal landscape including:

  • the Neiman Marcus and Spokeo cases and
  • the current debate on standing

II. Grasp the economic theories of standing with specific focus on whether there is an “intrinsic value” to privacy

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