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Sperm & Egg Donor & Surrogacy Contracts in California

1h 1m

Created on January 31, 2019





This program will cover the basics that attorneys need to know when representing the parties involved in a sperm or egg donor contract or a surrogacy contract. First, the program will cover the medical logistics of sperm and egg donation, and then the nuts and bolts of contract drafting. Next, the program will discuss the logistics and issues with surrogacy and the contract drafting basics for those agreements. Finally, the presenters will discuss parental rights orders within the US, and parental orders for international parents. This program is geared towards attorneys representing LGBT clients or any couples seeking to expand their families by using donors or surrogates.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss medical logistics for sperm and egg donation and surrogacy and how these impact contract terms
  2. Advise donees and potential parents of their rights and liabilities
  3. Review parental orders in California, the US, and abroad

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