How to Prepare a Social Security Disability Case in Front of an ALJ

Production Date: January 21, 2016 Practice Areas: Disability & Social Security Law, Administrative Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3768 minutes


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The requirements for a successful disability claim are not the same for every person applying for it; in fact, the standard changes depend on the claimant’s age, education and work background. The preparation for a disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge can and should start the minute a potential client calls you about their case. Richard Seelig of Seelig Law Offices, LLC discusses the requirements of proving a disability in front of an Administrative Law Judge and how to prepare both your client and your record for an administrative hearing.  


Learning Objectives:

I.     Learn the standard of proof and requirements for a Social Security Disability Case

II.    Be ready to prepare your client for the hearing

III.   Understand how to obtain and prepare the medical records

IV.   Discover how to organize the information and the records for the Administrative Law Judge

V.    Discuss the hearing structure and how to best prepare yourself and the case file for a successful claim

VI.   Comprehend how to prepare the record for an appeal

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