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Social Security Disability Updates During the COVID Pandemic

1h 8m

Created on June 01, 2020





This program, presented by Maren Miller Bam, will outline changes to the Social Security Industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, including stayed federal court proceedings and problems at the Appeals Council, telephonic hearings, and videoconference consultative evaluations (CEs). 

Practitioners will discuss when to proceed and when to postpone a telephonic hearing, issues with changing judges, and best practices for conducting telephonic hearings. The course will analyze issues filing the administrative record, and address impact and variance, who is manning the fax machine, and help practitioners understand what is and what is not being processed. For cases at the initial and reconsideration phases, the program will consider videoconference CEs and the impact on clients from delays due to canceled CEs. Finally, the program will discuss payment issues for attorneys, including trends at local offices and payment centers, EAJA Fees, and recent court decisions. 

This program will benefit Social Security Disability practitioners of all skill levels. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the landscape of SSD administration during the pandemic, and what your clients can expect from their cases
  2. Discuss when to go forward with or postpone telephonic hearings
  3. Identify best practices for telephonic hearings and videoconference CEs
  4. Advise clients on their case during tumultuous times 

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