Social Media Ethics for Attorneys

Production Date: October 21, 2016 Practice Areas: Discovery & E-Discovery Estimated Length: 3616 minutes


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Social media is everywhere. Social media is used by individuals and businesses to communicate, investigate, advertise and store electronic information (ESI). Not surprisingly, attorneys and law firms use social media for all these reasons. Social media use by attorneys must, however, be considered in terms of the ethical rules which govern attorney conduct. Those ethical rules impact the competence of attorneys to use social media, attorney advertising through social media, giving legal advice through social media, review and use of evidence derived from social media, communicating with clients through social media, researching jurors through social media and reporting on juror misconduct, and communicating with judges through social media. This session explores how the rules of professional conduct address these topics.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand how the rules of professional conduct apply to attorney use of social media
  2. Recognize ethical issues that might arise when attorneys use social media for various reasons
  3. Appreciate how attorneys might use social media to their benefit while avoiding ethical problems
Dane R.
Hanover, PA

Good information.

Stephanie O.
Oakland, CA

Very interesting subject matter - lots of current issues. Presenters were very professional and well-practiced.

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Nice dynamic between the 2 presenters, good partnering in the presentation of helpful information.

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Important subject; well presented.

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Fascinating presentation.

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Such a great topic and a wonderful presentation. Thanks!

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Very interesting and lively discussion.

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It's great to have two presenters - they worked very well with each other!

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Particularly interested in social media discovery issues. Good job providing overview.

Hector V.
Austin, TX

Great presenters. Really enjoyed this class. Great lessons learned. Thank you.

Iris G.
Beverly Hills, CA

Extremely informative. I didn't know most of what was discussed, and plan to listen to a second time.

Susan T.
New Braunfels, TX

I liked the way they interacted.

Sean O.
Renton, WA

Good practical advice, particularly re: periodic scanning of sites like LinkedIn or Avvo, for misleading endorsements.

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Interesting and timely presentation.

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Very relevant information.

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This program is good way to keep up-to-date in a rapidly changing field.

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Excellent. A thought provoking program

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Good teamwork.