So You've Been Appointed Executor, Now What Do You Do?

Production Date: August 18, 2015 Practice Areas: Wills, Trusts, & Estates Estimated Length: 3628 minutes


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The position of “executor” is one of enormous trust and confidence – you have been entrusted to transfer the things someone cared about to the people she loved, according to a strict set of guidelines written down in a document called a Last Will. An executor is one of many so-called “fiduciary” positions created under the law, but is special in that by definition an executor only serves following a death. Given the reason for this particular “call to action,” a.k.a. the death of a loved one, taking on this position is generally not entirely business-related. There are often powerful emotions and complicated family dynamics at play – both expected and surprising. While we expect grief and sadness, families are often surprised and even devastated by the jumble of other feelings and behaviors swirling around after a loss. 


Join attorney Amie Gartenberg as she discusses the nuances of the executor position and how to successfully execute an executorship. Here, she addresses the entire process, including probating the Last Will, considering the use of “post-mortem” planning techniques, marshaling and dealing with decedent’s varied assets, understanding the differences between probate and nonprobate assets, understanding creditor issues, dealing with disgruntled beneficiaries, considering the specialized tax issues relating to estates (inheritance and income tax), and accounting for and ultimately distributing the estate.  


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify the cast of characters in an estate administration and define their roles 

II.    Build the legal roadmap – a checklist – executors must travel to fulfill their fiduciary obligations

III.   Explore the particulars of the estate administration process

IV.   Gain insight into the special considerations inherent in helping a family in grief move forward – at least from a legal standpoint



Karl O.
Sodus, NY

This class was a decent introduction/overview of the whole probate process.

Chris F.
Longmont, CO

Very good program. Very specific information and excellent, competent and articulate presenter. Thank you.

Margaret R.
Slingerlands, NY

Good overview.

Matthew K.
New York, NY

Superb presentation and materials. Much appreciated.

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Interesting speaker, very experienced. Helpful presentation. Thank you.

Allan S.
San Antonio, TX

Excellent presenter. Easy to follow. Useful information.

Alexandra W.
Houston, TX

I love this presenter. Her CLEs ar some of the best I’ve ever attended.

Carolyn H.
New York, NY

Very helpful information and well presented

Daria C.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation

Regan F.
New York, NY

appreciated the sensitivity brought to this topic by presenter

Aviva Z.
Silver Spring, MD

Excellent program. Clear, informative, insightful and interesting. Thank you!

Jack B.
Houston, TX

Great presentation, well done!

Chris K.
Houston, TX

I am an Executor of several estates, and this speaker highlighted areas of concern that I have noticed, too---an excellent presentation!

Karen N.
New York, NY

Very informative

Cheryl B.
Eugene, OR

She was excellent.

Rebekah D.
Dallas, TX

Thank you

Tom G.
Montgomery, TX

Good review

Lisa L.
Buena Vista, CO

Very good program!

Carey M.
Excelsior, MN

Excellent speaker. Loved that she took us through a client situation from beginning to end.

Erika M.
San Antonio, TX

Excellent lecture

Betty B.
Virginia beach, va, VA

Good summary of practical information

John F.
Austin, TX

This presenter was exceptional.

richard w c.
Lake Worth, FL

Well done.

William S.
Belmont, NC

Excellent program. Thank you.

Meghan O.
Chicago, IL

Really enjoyed this presentation. Very practical and informative. Thanks!

Paula P.
Pelham, NY

this was an informative course

thomas t.
chicago, IL

Amy is crystal-clear. Excellent presenter.

rodney j.
Hillsboro, OR

Very good program.

Vida B.
Encino, CA

very informative

Lucy A.
Houston, TX


Wilson L.
Gastonia, NC

Very good and on point for small estates.

Kathleen O.
Greensboro, NC

Very good, comprehensive, general outline.

Ken N.
Maple Valley, WA

Very knowledgeable presentor.

Michelle W.
Galt, CA

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North Stonington, CT

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Duane D.
Hendersonville, TN

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Sonia B.
New York, NY

A very informative course

Mica P.
Rockwall, TX


Paul O.
San Diego, CA

Good class

Eric C.
New York, NY

The hypothetical family helped matters become clear.

philip w.
Walnut Creek, CA

Good synopsis of tasks at hand for the client who is executor.

Larry S.

Enjoyable & informative. Well done.

David W.
Raleigh, NC

Fantastic presentation on the basics of administering an estate.

Magda V.
North Bay Village, FL

very knowledgeable instructor.

Bernadette M.
Las Cruces, NM

Excellent, practical information.

Karen R.
Chatsworth, CA

Faculty was clear, concise and easy to listen to.

Karin V.
Los Angeles, CA

Useful primer

Annette R.
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I would recommend this program to an attorney who desires the very basics and has never done anything in this area.

Catherine B.
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EXCELLENT course!!!!

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Thank you.

lawrence r.
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clear and concise presentation

Charles B. N.
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Excellent presenter

Michael F.
Denton, TX

Great trip from start to finish addressing the bumps along the way.

tina w.
Beachwood, OH

Interesting presentation for estate attorneys and instructional on how to deal with family throughout process

DeAnn S.
Murfreesboro, TN

Excellent presentation.

Benjamin D.
Hawthorne, NJ


J. Donald H.
Manhasset, NY

She was well informed and did a good with the material.

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Bellmore, NY

Very clear lecturer

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Clark, NJ


George Y.
Dallas, TX

good basic presentation

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North Aurora, IL

Outstanding , lucid presentation

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Garden City, NY

Very well done. Good basic outline and refresher.

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Drexel Hill, PA

Very informative

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Miami Beach, FL

Very interesting

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Spring Valley, NY

Excellent presentation, clear and focused, thank you!

Lori H.
Port Washington, NY

Great! Best presenter.

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New York, NY

Very easy to follow and listen to. A pleasant lecture.

Andrew C.
Los Angeles, CA

Well done, but it is very basic.

John H.
Athens, TX

She's a great speaker!

Thomas L.
Allentown, PA

Good coverage of issue for general practitioner. Helpful pointers on use of self-proving affidavits and on consideration of non-probate assets.

Linda K.
Houston, TX

I love the down-to-earth examples. Very good advice about some of the tax pitfalls.

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Chattanooga, TN

I liked her practical and detailed approach.

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Orlando, FL

Fantastic job.

Catherine E.
Aurora, IL

I am the independent administrator of my late husband's small estate, and this was a particularly helpful seminar.

Christa R.
Louisville, KY

I would have liked a little more discussion about handling real property passing through the will, but otherwise an excellent presentation.

Andrew A.
Champaign, IL

Very Informative, easy to follow.

Claire O.
Jupiter, FL


Kathleen M.

Speaker was excellent.

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Chicago, IL

informative and well presented

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Mundelein, IL

This was well presented and very thorough.

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north field, IL

good job

Michael J.

Easy to follow. Good program

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Thought it was better than normal and liked the style and tone of presenter.

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Very good.

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Riverview, FL

Really good presentation

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Tallahassee, FL


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Coral Gables, FL

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Perfect time wise. This speaker was the only one that presented her materials without filler

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Andrea Kelli H.
White Plains, NY

The presenter offered great tips I can use when advising clients re: their estate planning and management responsibilities.

Nancy B.

Even if you don't practice in this area, this a great course that you might find a use for in your personal life

Douglas B.
Menlo Park, CA

Excellent presentation

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Atlanta, GA

Practical, helpful, compassionate guidance!

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Aumsville, OR

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Washington, DC

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Pittsfield, MA

Very informative and practical. I enjoy listening to Ms. Gartenberg.

Donna C.
Dallas, TX

Instructor made program interesting and particularly grateful for personal tips on dealing with client family members to help smooth beneficiary potential conflicts and help executor.

Douglas N.
Medford, OR

Excellent. Very well done.

William B. C.
Franklin, TN


Thaddeus B.
San Francisco, CA

Liked her approach, reflects dealing with real people and situations instead of just dry legal concepts.

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Minneapolis, MN

Very good explaining the basics of wills, probate etc

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Odessa, TX

Great presenter!!!