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Skills for Effective Openings: Tips and Helpful Hints


Created on June 06, 2019



The value of an opening at trial cannot be taken for granted. Trial lawyers must be ready to tell their client's story effectively when they have the jurors attention the most, which is in the beginning of trial at opening statement. One must prepare the story ahead of time, focusing on giving the jury what they need to begin finding in favor of their client.

Join trial attorney Justin Blitz as he takes a deep dive into the most effective ways to give an opening statement. Mr. Blitz will discuss the use of demonstrative evidence in opening, PowerPoints, and videos, and will explore how to effectively discuss damages and money to the jury in an effective manner. He will explore the rules for opening statements as well as making connections with the jury so they begin favoring you, your case, and your client. He will also discuss the concept of setting the scene for the jury, putting them in the moment, and becoming your client using the first person perspective. Finally, Mr. Blitz  will talk about the use of language, body language, eye contact, and preparing the jury for the witnesses they will hear at trial.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Use the opening statement as a way to sway the juror in your clients' favor and present what they will hear at trial in a cohesive organized and effective manner
  2. Identify strategies to discuss damages, injury, and medical evidence that will be heard at trial
  3. Address the use of evidence during opening statement
  4. Discuss tips on refuting the defendant's arguments and addressing the bad facts of your case in a way that will take the bad facts and make them useful to your case
  5. Effectively use demonstrative evidence and broach the topic of money during opening statement

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