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Serving on Nonprofit Boards: What Attorneys Need to Know

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Created on September 28, 2021





Many attorneys will serve on nonprofit boards at some point during their professional lives. This can be a great experience for the attorney and the organization, but there are important considerations attorneys should be aware of regarding their duties as board members. This course will provide that guidance to attorneys who are considering sitting on the board of a nonprofit organization. 

For attorneys new to nonprofits, this course will examine the legal structure of nonprofits including the role and duties of officers, directors, committees, and advisory committees. Additionally, the course will examine the legal risks of serving on a board and how to best alleviate those risks through insurance and indemnification provisions. Attorneys will be given practical advice on how nonprofit board meetings function, including the voting process and the importance of meeting minutes and quality bylaws. At the end of this course, attorneys will feel confident serving as directors and officers of nonprofits, with a full understanding of the unique challenges that attorney board members face.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review the structure of a nonprofit organization and identify the duties of Directors, Officers, Board Committees, and Advisory Committees

  2. Analyze the risks of serving on a board and how to alleviate those risks 

  3. Assess liability protection of the board and director and officer insurance and indemnification 

  4. Discuss the board meeting process including voting procedures, meeting minutes, and common bylaws provisions

  5. Review annual compliance requirements and the unique role of attorney board members

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