Seizing Growth Opportunities for the Health and Fitness Industry Through Franchising

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Produced on: October 15, 2015

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Some of the most well-recognized global brands can be traced back to the health and fitness industry - an area with continued projected economic growth for years to come. Brand owner clients are always looking to expand their footprint or channels of distribution, and entrepreneurs are looking for successful business opportunities where they can marry their energy and business acumen with health and wellness. This combination creates ideal growth opportunities for client brand owners, leveraging like-minded individuals to become ambassadors for their products and services.


Franchising is an established business model to facilitate rapid growth in the competitive health and fitness environment. It enables brand expansion through the use of committed equity ambassadors who not only share a common vision with the brand, but also share economic objectives. Through the use of franchising, brand owner clients can concurrently grow a presence in multiple geographic regions, leveraging the strengths of the local franchisees to understand and meaningfully contribute to development of the brand in each community.


Join Bryan Cave partner, Keith Klein, as he covers the basics of franchising in the health and fitness industry. Keith addresses the basic available structures for franchising, the state and federal laws applicable to the sale of franchises and the ensuing relationships, as well as practical steps to take for developing each franchise business model.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Grasp franchising basics and how it can contribute to the growth of brands on a local, state, national and international scale

II.    Know the applicable laws governing franchising in the United States as well as an introduction to franchising internationally

III.   Recognize the basic considerations that need to be reviewed in developing a franchise system

IV.   Identify the risks and benefits of franchising


Keith D. Klein

Bryan Cave

Keith Klein is a Partner with the firm, serving as an integral contributor to the technology, franchise and distribution, and commercial litigation practices. He is the creator and leader of the firm’s start-up and emerging growth incubator in Santa Monica, serving as outside general counsel for developing companies. His clients include demographic-specific networks, social commerce companies and international direct marketing companies offering a broad range of products and services. The firm’s incubator, launched in December 2010, has contributed significantly to the incorporation, development and financing of high profile businesses and has become a prominent contributor to the Santa Monica Silicon Beach business community.


Mr. Klein is certified by the State Bar of California’s Board of Specialization as a Franchise and Distribution Law Specialist. He represents franchisors and large qualified franchisees in a broad spectrum of industries, including lodging and hospitality, fast food and fast casual dining, retail and specialty stores, real estate brokerages, and automobile-related servicing systems. He has argued key franchise-related issues before the California Supreme Court and in other courts throughout the country.


As part of Mr. Klein’s commercial litigation practice, he has served as the lead counsel defending the largest financial institution against more than 30 mass actions filed throughout the country. Mr. Klein’s team of lawyers from across the country has successfully defended the bank against lawsuits seeking substantial damages, including some which sought to place the financial institution in receivership. In doing so, Mr. Klein’s team obtained a significant appellate victory for the banking industry in Bank of America v. Superior Court, 198 Cal.App.4th 862 (2011).


Mr. Klein is an author of the book entitled California Franchise Law & Practice published by the Continuing Education of the Bar in February 2009. He is also an author of a chapter on franchising and the Internet in a book entitled Collateral Issues in Franchising, published by the American Bar Association in 2014. He is regularly interviewed by franchise publications on social media and Internet issues, and he has also participated in local, national and international panels on these issues.


Cecilia M.

Good program

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Very informative. Well done.

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Great course in termso of both practical business and legal info.

Robert B. F.

Great command of subject matter reflected in both the simple manner of laying out the high points and then drilling down to touch on details key that new practitioners need to know. Thanks!

Heidi E.

Very informative and well organized. I'd highly recommend this presentation.

Andrew P.

well done.

Yvenne K.

Very informative. Would have loved to have heard more. Thanks!

Thomas T.

Good pyrsrntation

Petra S.

This was an amazing program.

Brian C.

Very good overview of particular issues in franchise law.

J Gregory F.

very knowledgeable about the business

James L.

Course and web experience were both better then I expected.

William J. D.

Very good presenter.

Penny R.

Excellent presentation.

Michael C.


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