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Seeing is Believing: Arbitration, Mediation and Trial in the Visual Age

1h 10m

Created on February 24, 2019




As the ability to recreate various events and injuries has risen with the improvement of animation technology, so has the degree of juror skepticism about the evidence presented by attorneys in a courtroom. The internet has create an expectation that anything and everything can be made more understandable through visual presentation. One need only Google an upcoming procedure to find not only a video of the procedure being performed, but often an animation of the same. Still, even when lawyers provide compelling visuals, there is no guarantee that a juror will ever get to see the presentation. Once the province of trial alone this effort has now expanded into the realm of arbitration and mediation and includes all facets of visual strategy.

This program, presented by E. Drew Britcher, a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and Top 10 NJ Super Lawyer Selection and Tom Flanagan, President of Legal Arsenal, a former filmmaker and visual strategist, provides legal and technical insights on how to best use various approaches to increase the value and believability of your client's case.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand Visual Learning
  2. Plan your visual presentations
  3. Determine when and how to use visual components
  4. Work with visual strategists in litigation

This course originally appeared as a part of our February 2019 Bridge the Gap event.  

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