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Securing Your Financial Future: Financial Planning Considerations for Attorneys

1h 3m

Created on July 29, 2021





While everyone understands the importance of financial planning, most discussions are centered around retirement planning. However, attorneys have other concerns. At the beginning of their career, many lawyers are burdened with significant student loan debt. Once they are settled in a career and earning high salaries, they are paying more in taxes and their children are less likely to qualify for financial aid,  so they may need to weigh their own retirement against their children's education. Depending on the attorney's compensation structure, salary may be disbursed at the end of the year, making budgeting difficult to plan for. 

This course, taught by financial planner Niraj Chhabra and attorney Jennifer Holowach will discuss the financial issues most common for attorneys, and how to solve them via effective planning strategies. The topics include retirement planning, family planning, tax reduction strategies, student loan repayment strategies, estate planning, planning for aging parents, and best practices for budgeting.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify common financial challenges attorneys face

  2. Review financial opportunities

  3. Educate the audience on how their financial paths will need to evolve as their careers advance

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