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Securing Your Client's Pretrial Release in Federal Criminal Cases


Created on September 08, 2017




This course, presented by Joshua Dratel, founder and President of Joshua L. Dratel, P.C. provides a primer on securing a client's pretrial release in criminal cases. The course will concentrate on the process in federal court while also alerting practitioners to important trends evolving in the state courts. In addition to covering the applicable legal principles, the course will also discuss a number of practical aspects pertinent to bail in the federal system, including negotiation with prosecutors, written and oral presentations, preparing a package of property and sureties, and securing the proper documentation to complete the bail process.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Develop best practices for securing a client's pretrial release in federal criminal cases
  2. Identify how to successfully negotiate with prosecutors, prepare for your bail hearing presentation, and prepare the package of property and sureties during the bail process in federal court
  3. Gain the proper documentation to complete the bail process
  4. Become familiar with evolving bail trends in state courts

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