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Securing Cross-Border Financings: Current Trends & Practical Tips

1h 3m

Created on November 06, 2020





This program will provide (1) an overview of key differences between approaches to credit support in European-based financings and U.S.-based financings, (2) considerations for obtaining guarantees and security across multiple jurisdictions, and (3) practical tips and tricks for running a cross-border deal.

Presented by Jennifer M. Kent, this program will benefit attorneys who work on U.S.-based financing transactions that involve guarantees and security from non-U.S. jurisdictions, or who serve as local U.S. counsel for non-U.S. financing transactions that include U.S. guarantors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify relevant factors to consider when selecting credit support jurisdictions
  2. Address certain pitfalls and logistical challenges that frequently arise on a cross-border financing transaction
  3. Discuss best practices for drafting Agreed Security Principles
  4. Avoid common perfection issues

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