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SCOTUS: The October 2017 Term's Impact on Business Interests

1h 1m

Created on November 30, 2018




October Term 2017 was a busy one for the Supreme Court's business docket. The Court released several decisions that will have a significant impact on the commercial sector in a number of areas, including administrative law, antitrust, class actions, labor and employment, and securities litigation.

This course, presented by Judson Littleton of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, will examine some of the most business-relevant decisions of the 2017 Term, highlight questions left open by those cases, and look ahead to what the 2018 Term may have in store for the business world.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain insight into some of the most important decisions for businesses in the Supreme Court's October 2017 Term
  2. Examine the legal and practical implications of those decisions, as well as questions left open
  3. Look ahead to the legal issues the Court may tackle next

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