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SCOTUS Review 2021 Part I: Criminal Law

2h 4m

Created on July 15, 2021





Join experienced constitutional practitioners Ameer Benno and Erica Dubno for Part I of Lawline's fifth annual SCOTUS Preview, addressing several critical cases that are to be decided in the 2021 Term. In this course, Ameer and Erica will discuss the following upcoming cases involving criminal law and related fields:

  • Torres v. Madrid: Whether using physical force to restrain a person amounts to a seizure under the Fourth Amendment even if the person does not submit and is not subdued.

  • Lange v. California: Whether the pursuit of a person whom a police officer has probable cause to believe has committed a misdemeanor categorically qualifies as an "exigent circumstance" allowing the officer to enter the person's home without a warrant.

  • Jones v. Mississippi: Does the Eighth Amendment require that a juvenile be found "permanently incorrigible" before imposing a sentence of life without parole?

  • DOJ v. House Committee on the Judiciary: Is an impeachment trial before a legislative body a "judicial proceeding" under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure?

  • U.S. v. Tsarnaev: Does the Constitution require that trial courts ask each prospective juror for a specific accounting of all pretrial media coverage that he or she had read, heard or seen about the case?

  • Thompson v. Clark: Do malicious prosecution claims brought under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments require a showing that the criminal proceeding ended in a manner that affirmatively indicated the criminal defendant's innocence?

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