School Bullying Law: Know Your Rights & Obligations

Production Date: May 04, 2017 Practice Areas: Litigation and Education Law Estimated Length: 5480 minutes


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This program, taught by the head of the Education Department at Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, Jerry L. Tannenbaum, will help the viewer understand the complexities of the school bullying problem, the legal history, and the avenues of exposure for educational institutions.

The course will cover the differences in the law when the targeted child is a child with special needs, and/or when the bullying occurs because the targeted child belongs to an otherwise recognized protected class, such as race, ethnicity, disability or gender. The program will also discuss the different legal theories and litigation techniques available to students and parents, and the ways in which schools can act to mitigate their liability.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the factors that lead to bullying in school, and ways to mitigate its harms
  2. Identify the avenues of redress for students and their parents
  3. Assess the mechanisms for schools to limit their liability in bullying cases 
Ruth G.
Chicago, IL

Clear presentation with good examples.

Ursula C.
Palm Harbor, FL

Excellent presentation. This should be viewed by non-lawyers too.

Patricia W.
Lincoln, RI

Very informative and well presented

Amy B.
Waxhaw, NC

interesting as a lawyer and a parent. thanks

JoAnn S.
Floral Park, NY

Fantastic course.

Stacie F.
New York, NY

Speaker was fantastic! Incredibly well informed and well spoken

Sandra G.
Katy, TX

Extremely helpful. We had a case here in Texas last year where the parents came to us after the TTCA had expired.

Michael T.
Georgetown, KY

Excellent CLE

Claire B.
Brooklyn, NY

Course was excellent and extremely helpful on this issue

Brenda W.
Tampa, FL

Very informative!

Jennifer F.
Tomball, TX

good speaker, timely materials. interesting.

Joseph L.
Casselberry, FL

Very topical given the teen suicide rate. Good Presentation.

Eric P.
Dallas, TX

Well done.

Lisa O.
Quincy, IL

Outstanding presentation and presenter

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

Very timely and topical

Joanna R.
Oakland Gardens, NY

Very informative