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School Bullying Law: Know Your Rights & Obligations

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Produced on May 04, 2017

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Course Information

Time 1h 31m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Litigation Education

Course Description

This program, taught by the head of the Education Department at Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, Jerry L. Tannenbaum, will help the viewer understand the complexities of the school bullying problem, the legal history, and the avenues of exposure for educational institutions.

The course will cover the differences in the law when the targeted child is a child with special needs, and/or when the bullying occurs because the targeted child belongs to an otherwise recognized protected class, such as race, ethnicity, disability or gender. The program will also discuss the different legal theories and litigation techniques available to students and parents, and the ways in which schools can act to mitigate their liability.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the factors that lead to bullying in school, and ways to mitigate its harms
  2. Identify the avenues of redress for students and their parents
  3. Assess the mechanisms for schools to limit their liability in bullying cases 

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Jerry Tanenbaum

Mattleman Weinroth & Miller PC

Jerry Tanenbaum heads the firm’s Education Department, which is concentrated on representing families and students in disputes with school districts, colleges and universities. Mr. Tanenbaum represents students with special learning needs or other disabilities in seeking academic and social/emotional supports and services, including the placement at private specialized schools and tuition reimbursement. His practice also includes matters involving student discipline, and school-related bullying and harassment. Mr. Tanenbaum has also represented teachers facing discipline or improper treatment by their school districts or superiors, and even school board members in matters involving school board ethics practices.

In the area of general civil litigation, Mr. Tanenbaum has represented businesses and individuals in matters relating to contract disputes, restrictive covenants, employment, trademark infringement, and premises liability.

Mr. Tanenbaum is an adjunct professor at the Beasley Temply University School of Law, where he teaches a course on Special Education Law in the USA. He is also an active lecturer and writer, and has presented seminars to educators, attorneys, other professionals and parents on the No Child Left Behind Act, General Rights and Obligations of the IDEA and Section 504, The Legal Issues of Harassment and Bullying, and A Parent’s Right to Educational Records under Federal Law.

Some of his publications include “The Third Circuit Provides New Guidance Regarding the Interaction of ‘Least Restrictive Environment’ and ’Meaningful Benefit,” published at www.amicusforchildren.org (Feb. 2004), “School Districts Cannot Ignore Social Emotional Needs,” published in the Autism Society of Berks, PA, Summer 2004 Newsletter, and “A Blow to Bullying in School”, The New Jersey Law Journal, January 16, 2006.


Vannoroth I.

Really great CLE. Thank you, Jerry, for your passionate and meaningful work.

Jennifer L.

Substantive and informative overview. Great speaker.

Raymundo M.

I have spoken on this topic many times and this was a very good overview

Deanna M.

So sad that special ed students are primary target of bullying.

Tonye O.

This is a very enlightening presentation. This topic should be a core course in law school! Bullying needs to be attacked and stamped out of our schools. It is a form of terrorism and should be treated as such! Thanks again for this very enlightening presentation!

Jacqueline S.

Excellent course! Very knowledgeable presenter and good pace of presenting useful and interesting information.

Jennifer H.

Outstanding content, easy to follow and lots of helpful illustrative examples to bring material to light. Thank you!

Ilene L.

Presenter is very devoted to this area of the law. Excellent presentation.

edward s.


Tara B.

Well done. Clear, organized, thoughtful.

Richard C.

Thank you for an excellent presentation on a very important (and emerging) area of law.

Carrie K.

Great lecture on a timely topic of law

Patricia S.

Great lecture. Highly informative.

Paul N.

Speaker was very good -- organized, thoughtful, excellent

Harrison S.

Presenter is an excellent teacher of a rapidly changing and important field of law Nationwide all lawyers should be aware of the massive problem with bullying. The presenter did an excellent job of really bringing home how serious the other escalating issue is and how it must be confronted.

William C.

good presentation

Mary Lou S.

Good information.

Jane F.

Very informative - this course provided a great amount of useful information.

Michele K.

thank you

Victoria L. B.

Excellent very well presented, very interesting and inspiring to assist students in this area.

Alissa B.

Good presenter.

Jamey B.

Presenter took own experience, explained the law, and provided guidance to apply in viewer's jurisdiction.

Deborah K.

This was a highly informative topic. The course has encouraged me to further research Florida's Anti Bullying statutes. informative as an attorney, a parent and grand-parent and other avenues of non-profits that work "in the best interests of the child".

carol s.

Thank you. Very interesting!

James B.

Very interesting topic and unfortunately a necessary topic. Well done

Sarah S.

So interesting and informative.

Josh N.

Informative, well presented

Robert S.


Rebecca K.

Great speaker! Loved it.

Kenneth E B.

This is a program that School Counsellors, Family therapists, Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists would all benefit from taking to enable them to counsel their clients and patients and suggest that they go to an Attorney.

Leona G.

Thank you Jerry for a helpful and informative CLE.

Scott B.

Excellent, compelling and informative presentation.

Katherine D.

Very informative program.

Joshua H.

Very helpful and detailed information provided.

Jean H.

Very informative and well organized presentation .

Shaun E.

Good instructor; easy to follow

Raymond K.

Comprehensive and well presented. I especially liked the speakers ability to integrate caselaw with the statutory law.

Theresa H.

Excellent presente; materials and presentation well-organized

Ruth G.

Clear presentation with good examples.

Ursula C.

Excellent presentation. This should be viewed by non-lawyers too.

Patricia W.

Very informative and well presented

Amy B.

interesting as a lawyer and a parent. thanks

JoAnn S.

Fantastic course.

Stacie F.

Speaker was fantastic! Incredibly well informed and well spoken

Sandra G.

Extremely helpful. We had a case here in Texas last year where the parents came to us after the TTCA had expired.

Michael T.

Excellent CLE

Claire B.

Course was excellent and extremely helpful on this issue

Brenda W.

Very informative!

Jennifer F.

good speaker, timely materials. interesting.

Joseph L.

Very topical given the teen suicide rate. Good Presentation.

Eric P.

Well done.

Lisa O.

Outstanding presentation and presenter

R. Christopher R.

Very timely and topical

Joanna R.

Very informative

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