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Risk Management in Government Contracting

1h 1m

Created on July 17, 2018



Companies doing business with the Federal government face a unique set of challenges. There are a seemingly endless number of rules the must be read, interpreted, and followed. To make matters worse, the government is in a perpetual state of updating, changing, repealing, and replacing the relevant statutes and regulations.

In order to maintain compliance, contractors must develop a robust risk management program. As a starting point, all contractors should have a written Code of Business Ethics and Compliance. But it is not enough just to have a code. Contractors should distribute the Code to all employees and routinely update it for training purposes. Having a code is good first step towards developing a "culture of compliance" at all levels of your business.

Once in place, a properly functioning Code of Business Ethics and Compliance will help identify and mitigate or avoid potential risk factors. Understanding the proper method for investigating and disclosing violations may be the only thing standing between your business and the serve sanctions available to the government through the civil False Claims Act and other criminal penalties.

This course, presented by Nicholas T. Solosky (a partner in Fox Rothschild's Federal Government Contracts and Procurement Practice Group), covers the fundamental issues of risk management in government contracting.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the current hyper-technical climate surrounding the enforcement of government rules and regulations under the civil False Claims Act
  2. Identify the primary areas of government enforcement and the major risk factors for each
  3. Explore to how properly prepare and implement a Code of Business Ethics and Compliance
  4. Discuss hot-button enforcement issues, including brand new cybersecurity enforcement regulations

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