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Responding To FAA Investigations And Enforcement Actions Involving Alleged Illegal Charter Operators

1h 5m

Created on August 20, 2020





The Federal Aviation Administration has recently increased its investigations into illegal charter activities and is vigorously pursuing enforcement against operators conducting illegal charter flights. Many of the publicized cases have involved owners and operators of business jets with civil penalty assessments in excess of a million dollars. However, the FAA doesn't just pursue enforcement actions against illegal charter involving jets. It will go after any operator conducting illegal charter whether the operator is using jets or single-engine, piston aircraft.

This course will briefly explain what constitutes illegal charter operations, how the FAA investigates and pursues enforcement action against illegal charter operators, and how to assist clients who may be subject to investigation by the FAA and/or enforcement action for illegal charter operations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how the FAA investigates aircraft leasing structures and illegal charter operations
  2. Identify the tools available for the FAA to use in connection with enforcement actions it pursues against illegal charter operators
  3. Provide guidance for responding to FAA investigations into aircraft leasing structures and illegal charter operations and representing clients in enforcement actions resulting from those investigations. 

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