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Resolving Multicultural Disputes in Family Law


Created on March 31, 2020




Family disputes are always fraught, but when the parties come from different cultural or religious backgrounds, disagreements and tensions are magnified. Cultural issues are extremely sensitive, and family courts are ill-equipped to address varying cultural needs. Attorneys working with cross-cultural, multicultural, and religious families must be equipped with the sensitivity to discuss hostilities sensitively and fairly, and help these families navigate the court system so that the best outcome for each unique need can be reached. 

This program, taught by Alla Roytberg, a bilingual family attorney in NYC with over two decades of experience navigating cross-cultural family disputes, will provide attorneys with the tools they need to effectively communicate with multicultural families and navigate the fraught waters of multicultural family disputes. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the issues raised by cross-cultural, multi-cultural, and religious families involved in family and divorce disputes
  2. Discuss techniques needed to navigate among these issues with sensitivity
  3. Help families develop compromises and agreements that will honor their cultural beliefs and be legally enforceable in the 21st century legal system
  4. Develop tailored tools and checklists to better understand clients' cultural backgrounds so that they can provide unique solutions that address their clients' needs 

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