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Requests for Admission: The Litigator's Underutilized Weapon

1h 15m

Created on September 22, 2019




Even the most ardent fans of Requests for Admission (RFA's) freely admit to taking far too little advantage of this tool, while others rarely attempt to utilize it. The first responses to RFA's are rarely responsive - and usually evasive - due to the type of concessions that are usually sought, and therefore motion practice surrounding RFA's is essential. Properly executed and argued RFA's can be game-changers, in negotiating settlements, and even in trial. 

In this course, practitioners will be acquainted with the purpose, utility, and strategic strength of RFA's. The audience will also be provided with real-world examples of how (and how not to) properly serve, enforce and litigate RFA inquiries.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basic principles of Requests for Admission
  2. Outline the basic components of RFA's
  3. Avoid the pitfalls of improper crafting
  4. Draft follow-up requests
  5. Enforce appropriate responses with motion practice
  6. Share RFA's with experts
  7. Utilize RFA's in depositions and trials

This course originally appeared as a part of our September 2019 Bridge the Gap event.  

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