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Representing Victims of Terrorism in Federal Litigation

1h 2m

Created on June 08, 2020



This class, taught by Jerry Goldman, a Shareholder with Anderson Kill, will provide an overview of the fundamental issues encountered in handling litigation in federal court on behalf of the victims of terrorism. The program will cover issues at the pleading stage, including deciding to bring suit as an individual or a class, asserting personal and subject matter jurisdiction over the defendant, identifying the possible causes of action, best practices in serving notice, and responding to motions to dismiss. The course will then discuss how to conduct investigations, submitting FOIA notices, and using formal discovery practices through the summary judgment stage. Next, the presenter will cover specific issues relating to the foreign sovereign immunities act, alien tort claims act, and the anti-terrorism act, as well as the role of state common law.  Finally, the program will cover the issue of defaulting foreign sovereign defendants and the role of certain governmental funds in the proceedings.  

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the role of the civil justice system in the context of transnational terrorism
  2. Identify the fundamental issues raised in civil terrorism cases
  3. Analyze the most challenging aspects of terrorism litigation in federal court 

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