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Representing Victims of Inaccurate Credit Reporting: Identifying & Litigating Fair Credit Reporting Act Claims


Created on May 25, 2021




Credit reporting inaccuracies caused by identity theft, loan servicing errors, and data processing mistakes are extremely common. Many general practitioners run across these issues regularly in the course of helping clients with other needs, but are unaware of the significant federal statutory protections and damages available to victims.

This program will discuss how to identify and litigate Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) claims on behalf of victims of inaccurate credit reporting,

  • Case investigation and selection;

  • Core features of the FCRA;

  • Identifying additional causes of action;

  • Common litigation issues.

This program will benefit attorneys with general litigation experience interested in learning more about the FCRA. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review  FCRA protections and remedies

  2. Identify and investigate claims

  3. Assess additional causes of action that may be available

  4. Discuss what to expect during a typical FCRA litigation

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