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Representing Victims of Identity Theft And Other Unauthorized Charges: Federal Claims Against Financial Institutions & Credit Bureaus

1h 6m

Created on May 28, 2021




Identity theft has increased sharply over recent years often with devastating results for victims who may find their bank accounts drained and/or credit cards maxed out by fraudsters, and whose credit may be severely damaged through no fault of their own. Although there are a variety of highly protective federal consumer statutes that apply to these situations, many practitioners are unaware of the options and remedies available to their clients. 

This program will discuss how to identify and litigate identity theft against financial institutions, credit reporting bureaus, and others, including:

  • Protections available under the EFTA; FCBA; TILA; FCRA and FDCPA;

  • Case investigation and selection;

  • Common litigation issues.

This program will benefit attorneys with general litigation experience interested in learning more about representing victims of identity theft.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review available federal statutes applicable to different fact patterns

  2. Identify and investigate claims

  3. Discuss common features of identity theft litigation

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