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Representing Plaintiffs in Wrongful Death Cases


Created on October 22, 2019



Join attorney Justin Blitz to discuss issues related to representing plaintiffs in wrongful death cases. In this program, Mr. Blitz begins with the legal standards to prove causation of the wrongful death to the negligence claimed and the various categories of damages that can be recovered. He will provide tips and strategies for trial preparation for cases involving wrongful death claims, including how to approach mediations and out-of-court settlement discussions.

Additionally, he will address handling experts for trial, including tips and strategies for using experts to maximize damages and prove all categories of damages including pecuniary loss and pain and suffering prior to death. There will also be a discussion regarding proving pecuniary losses including the loss of parental guidance, loss of future wages, and loss of consortium for the surviving family and using day in the life videos and other tips to most effectively show harm caused by the negligent tortfeasor.   


Learning Objectives:

  1. Maximize damages for wrongful death cases

  2. Identify which experts will be required to prove your prima facie case and to prove damages

  3. Recognize the differences between wrongful death and pain and suffering claims and understand settlement for infant cases and wrongful death settlements

  4. Develop best practices for approaching mediations and out-of-court settlement discussions

  5. Appreciate the use of technology and demonstrative evidence to show the devastation the injury caused

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