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Representing Plaintiffs in Mediation for Personal Injury and Civil Claims


Created on December 16, 2021





Mediation class in law school rarely teaches you the most important part of Mediation: client preparation. If you represent individuals - not companies - in Court, you need to know how to represent them in mediation too.

In this CLE, fifteen-year personal injury practitioner Lauren Ellerman will provide tips for representing individual plaintiffs at mediation, with a focus on serious injuries. The program will teach attorneys how to prepare the case - and the client - for the mediation, and increase your likelihood of settlement. 

This course will benefit personal injury attorneys as well as attorneys representing individuals in other kinds of civil lawsuits in the mediation phase.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basics of mediating civil cases

  2. Prepare your client for what to expect from a mediation

  3. Improve your ability to obtain a positive outcome for your client

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