Repairs and Capitalization

Production Date: October 13, 2016 Practice Areas: Tax Law Estimated Length: 3805 minutes


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The IRS has announced a major change in expense and capitalizations rules. Collectively these rules are known as the “Repair Regs” and it is extremely easy to get lost in their in-depth text.  

In this course, CPA and attorney Dr. Bart Basi addresses the changes to the Repair Regs and discusses how best to approach dealing with the impact these changes may have on your clients. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand how to talk about the regulations with an accountant
  2. Implement the regulations’ in their business decisions
  3. Recognize how to best save money on taxes
  4. Identify the safe harbors
arthur s.
renton, WA

best program I have watched, Basi delt with a very complicated subject and made it easy to understand.

James B.
Edmonds, WA

Dr. Bart is great, and he sounds like Saul Goodman.

Michael H.
Seattle, WA

The speaker made this subject very interesting.

Janet S.
Chicago, IL

Excellent update.

Diane F.
Manhattan, NY

Dr. Basi is an excellent speaker. He is well organized, clear, and enthused.

Marc D.
New York, NY

The course was exactly what it was portrayed to be.

Roxanna T.
Anaheim, CA

Very informative!

Robert V.
Sherman Oaks, CA

MCLE is always a chore; however, I always look forward to Dr. Basi's lectures. This is the third set of lectures in which Dr. Basi was included in my MCLE package. Keep him coming!

Tammy O.
Orinda, CA

Great speaker!

Hillary A.
Seattle, WA

great speaker and content!

John G.
Oak Lawn, IL

Great and informative presentation

Stuart S.
White Plains, NY

very informative