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Recent Trends in the eSports Industry


Created on June 17, 2019




Join Duane Morris attorneys Christopher Soriano and Adam Berger for an overview of legal trends in the burgeoning e-sports industry. Mr. Soriano and Mr. Berger will address the interplay between gaming law and e-sports. The program will also explore how the recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Murphy v. NCAA sets the stage for the worlds of e-sports and traditional sports wagering to collide and potentially flourish together.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the current legal status of e-sports and legal issues surrounding the industry
  2. Gain an overview of sports betting in the U.S. and the current legal landscape
  3. Examine the future of e-sports in light of the on-going expansion of legalized sports wagering
  4. Explore how e-sports can co-exist with other forms of legalized gaming in the U.S.

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