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Recent Developments in Employment Arbitrations

1h 5m

Created on February 18, 2021





This program will cover recent developments in the law of arbitration of employment disputes. The topics covered include: The transportation worker exemption; the effect of a carve-out clause; arbitrators' required disclosures; discovery from a non-party; the effect of employer's failure to pay arbitration  provider's fees; online arbitration agreements; mass individual arbitrations; FAA preemption of  state arbitration acts; and enforceability by or against a non-signatory. 

This program will benefit plaintiff/employee and defense/management attorneys, as well as HR personnel. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Draft and defend strong arbitration agreements
  2. Challenge the enforceability of an arbitration agreement
  3. Identify legal issues currently developing under both the FAS and your state arbitration act

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