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Real Estate Transactions and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act


Created on January 24, 2019





Nearly everyone will encounter a real estate transaction in their life. Each transaction includes a unique cast of characters with specific roles. These characters all have specific duties and may be liable for any breach of those duties. This program explores the intersection of common real estate transactions and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act - one of the country's most powerful and consumer-friendly laws. The program, presented by New Jersey real estate attorney Tom Major, begins with the basics of the NJ Consumer Fraud Act and a residential real estate transaction. It will then discuss the role of each party in a real estate transaction and their potential liability under the Act with a focus on past cases.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the fundamentals of consumer fraud and understand to whom the Act applies
  2. Explore the types of conduct which create liability
  3. Examine how representations & omissions in a real estate transaction can create Consumer Fraud Act liability
  4. Discuss ways to avoid Consumer Fraud Act liability and learn new suggestions for practitioners

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