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Qualifying For and Applying for Medicaid Benefits

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Produced on September 06, 2019

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Course Information

Time 1h
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Elder

Course Description

The Medicaid program, while extremely generous, can be complicated to qualify and apply for. The differences in qualifying for Community Medicaid vs. Institutional Medicaid can cause confusion and delay. Asset transfers and asset protection differ greatly between these two different types of Medicaid and having a solid understanding of the rules will help to best serve clients. 

This course, presented by Elder Law attorney Melissa Negrin-Wiener, offers an in-depth look at the basics of Medicaid eligibility and application as well as planning techniques. For beginning practitioners and those entering the field of elder law, this course outlines the general rules and processes involved in qualifying and applying for Medicaid benefits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the general rules and processes involved in qualifying and applying for Medicaid benefits
  2. Examine the laws governing Medicaid eligibility in home care and institutional settings
  3. Review some of the classic asset protection tools used by elder law practitioners
  4. Identify the more complex obstacles encountered during the Medicaid eligibility and application process

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Melissa Negrin-Wiener


Melissa Negrin-Wiener is a partner at Genser Dubow Genser & Cona. Ms. Negrin-Wiener manages the Government Benefits Department while concentrating her practice in the areas of Medicaid eligibility planning, asset protection planning, disability matters, guardianships, estate planning and Veteran benefits. She also supervises the preparation of Medicaid Applications for nursing home care, home health care and community benefits.


Dominick D.

Excellent presentation.

Betty B.

Great class . Lots of info presented in a manner that is easy to understand ! P

Art R.

Great information, well delivered!

Christopher C C.

If I ever get to the point that I have to use any of this information in my own life, please call 1-800-KEVORKIAN...

brit h.


Theresa H.

The presenter was excellent. Very clear and very thorough. One of the best

william f b.

Many points to remember. Good summary

Haroon R.


Scott K.

Great program; very informative

mark o.

She did a great job of communicating

Victoria M.

very good presentation! this material is dense and confusing but the presenter explained it all.

Scott M.

Quite useful information in the elder/estate planning arena

Lawrence C.

Presentation was very well done.

Michell B.

Very helpful!

Kevin S.

great speaker and great presentation

Michael L.

Clear presentation, great case studies, useful information

Rodney D.

Great course

Kerry S.

This is one of the very best I've viewed!!

Andrea R.

Excellent presentation - clear, concise, easy to understand. I just may watch this again !

Lorraine G.

She was very knowledgeable on the topic. Very good presentation!

Arthur S.

Great job giving a useful overview on difficult practice area, thank you.

John H.

Good stuff

Alexander H.

Great presentation

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