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Provisional Waivers (I-601A): How to Optimize a Successful Outcome for Your Client

1h 3m

Created on July 07, 2020





The provisional waiver began in early 2013 in an attempt to decrease family separation and to encourage legalization under the Obama Administration. With fewer options for immigrants who entered without inspection to seek status, the provisional waiver is one of the few remaining avenues to obtain legal permanent residency, and the entire process can last nearly one and a half to two years depending on processing times.

For attorneys considering these cases, it is essential to screen properly,  develop a strong strategy, regularly review the eligibility of your clients throughout the process, and prepare for the consular interview. This program is taught by Ruby Powers, a practitioner with over twelve years of successful practice in waivers and consular processing, and will benefit law firm owners, partners, managers, and managing attorneys.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review common inadmissibilities and the waivers needed to overcome them
  2. Assess when an I-601A waiver is needed, key requirements for eligibility, and sample timelines
  3. Discuss best intake and screening practices
  4. Prove extreme hardship in your application and at a hearing 
  5. Analyze discretionarily factors (both adverse and positive)
  6. Provide sample application timelines
  7. Consider the Department of State Public Charge Rule
  8. Work effectively with your client to prepare for the consular interview
  9. Advise clients when the I-601A is denied
  10. Identify alternatives to waivers 

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