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Proving the Long Haul COVID-19 Long Term Disability Claim

1h 37m

Created on January 11, 2021





This program, taught by Barbara B. Comerford, an attorney and frequent lecturer on the topic of long term disability law, and Gudrun Lange, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist and researcher with expertise in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, who has volunteered at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC on "long haul" COVID-19 cases, will discuss the cognitive deficits emerging in COVID 19 cases, other symptoms and limitations of COVID-19 based on patient complaints and research studies and how to document the existence of symptoms and limitations in those cases. The course will also discuss the application of existing ERISA long term disability case law to long haul COVID-19 disability cases.

This program will benefit attorneys confronting these new types of disability cases, familiarize them with the most common complaints and limitations and instruct them on how to best document these claims and help long haul clients win disability assistance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basics of ERISA long term disability law
  2. Summarize the most common Long Haul COVID-19 symptoms and limitations based on claimant complaints and ongoing medical research
  3. Identify cognitive deficits commonly found in long haul COVID-19 cases
  4. Discuss the challenges in documenting long haul COVID-19 symptoms and limitations
  5. Examine the most analogous illnesses to long haul COVID-19 cases
  6. Develop the evidence to prove a long haul COVID-19 case 

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